Over Austin - Fine Art Aerial Photography

Welcome to Over Austin's home on the web. There are more than 400 photos and videos here with my best shots below. Click on the Galleries tab to view select galleries or view all photos. Plus you can use the search box as well. You can now purchase prints and wall hangings for your home or office or license  photos for commercial use. Just click on a photo and click on the buy button.

The Best of Over Austin

  • Winter is Coming

    Black and White Zilker Park Flood Puddles and the Austin Skyline - March 2015

  • Foggy Frost

    Foggy Frost Bank Tower last night. You can just barely make out the Austonian to the left.

  • Lamar Lights

    Cars streak by on Lamar Blvd Bridge. If you look closely you can see the Capitol Building lit up and the UT Tower is lit orange on the far left. The 0.6 second exposure gives the car lights a streaky look. Shot from 200 feet.

  • luna-obscura

    Tonight's full moon was obscured by clouds leaving me with this.

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Over Austin: Stunning fine art aerial photography.

Here you can order prints as well as various items such as mugs, cards and more.

I also offer commercial licenses for my photos and images. So whether your a realtor or a local Austin business, you can use my work commercially on your web site or in print. I update Facebook, Twitter and Instagram daily, so I hope you'll follow me if you haven't already. If you are interested in purchasing an image that is not here yet, please email me at Chris @ OverAustin.com so that I can upload it.

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