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Welcome to Chris Sherman's photo home on the web. There are more than 1,000 photos and videos here with my best shots below. Click on the Galleries tab to view select galleries or view all photos. Plus you can use the search box as well. You can now purchase prints and wall hangings for your home or office or license  photos for commercial use. Just click on a photo and click on the buy button.

The Best of Over Austin

  • Texas Black Gold

    The Milky Way galaxy arches over a pumping pumpjack in Fedor, Texas, 50 miles east of Austin.

  • Bluebonnets and Lightning

    Yesterday evening, as the storms rolled through Texas I was shooting photos at the popular #Bluebonnet House in Marble Falls. As the sunset, lightning could be seen in the distance. It was beautiful to watch. Photographers come from all over to shoot this house and the bluebonnets but few get a shot like this one. #lightning #bluebonnets #marblefalls

  • 7 Strikes

    At 3:04am, early Sunday morning, after most of the storms had passed, 7 massive #lightning bolts hit one after the other, over a 90 second period. These were so bright my eyes had to adjust - like a camera flash going off in your face. And then all was quiet again. I guess that's nature's way of telling me April is over and May is here. That is the Austin skyline in the distance. View large if you can. Wow. #lightning #lightningbolts #storm #austin

  • Dawn of Liberty

    Goddess of Liberty at Sunrise. Over the Texas State Capitol Building. Shot with special permission.

  • Peek a Moon

    Rare ‪#‎SummerSolstice‬ ‪#‎FullMoon‬ over ‪#‎AustinTX‬, 1st Since 1948. ‪#‎atxweather‬

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Over Austin: Stunning fine art aerial photography.

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