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  • Welcome to Texas

    I shot this in September on my way to my last Austin visit. This is actually at the I-35 Texas/Oklahoma boarder however it's been re-imagined just a bit. I've edited out I-35 and kept the service road in the shot. It's makes for a much prettier Texas, in my opinion. :) Part of the Over Austin collection at http://photos

  • Austin's Bats Take Flight

    The largest urban bat colony in North America lives under the Congress Ave. Bridge in Austin, Texas. When they emerge in the evening during “bat season” they stream like clouds. I've shot them many times. In this instance, I positioned my drone below the bat cloud, however they changed course as they are like to do and quickly the drone was in the swarm. The bats use their echolocation to avoid the drone so the best a drone pilot can do is not move the machine. But still, this is unnerving to watch unfold on your as they pass, coming directly at the drone.

  • September 29 Beto Willie Show in Auditorium Shores - Drone Shot

    @BetoORourke @WillieNelson show with @leonbridges @lukasnelson @jacmnelson3 @carriemusictx, Tameca Jones and Joe Ely. September 29, 2018

  • Dawn of Liberty

    Goddess of Liberty at Sunrise. Over the Texas State Capitol Building. Shot with special permission.


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